Dana Hall


Sorry this gig didn't make it on my calendar. This was with drummer Dana Hall at Gordon Biersch. The place was packed, with a lot of people and drummers. Always nice to see my drumming buddies.

I was on drums too, and Dana and I met for the first time at the gig. Didn't really say much with regards to the music. We just started playing, and it was magical. Dana's a great drummer and musician, and a great guy too. Dana returned to Chicago where he is a professor at The University Of Illinois. Looking forward to the next time.

Special thanks to DeShannon Higa, whose concept it was to bring Dana and I together. Great concept and great playing. Thanks to Robert Shinoda for his tireless dedication to bringing neat ideas like this to the Gordon Biersch stage. To Dean Taba, great playing and thanks for anchoring it all.


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